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For Dr. Vivienne Ming, AI will be a revolutionary force for raising human potential across the globe.

Or it will further separate the digital haves and have-nots of the world by reinforcing bias and inequality.  

The difference, she stresses, lies in whether business leaders, innovators, and educators get AI right — starting today.   

Kevin Delaney, senior writer for Cisco’s Strategy and Storytelling team, spoke with Dr. Ming about how her strong feelings about AI stem from her own unique personal journey. As a psychologist, neuroscientist, technology entrepreneur, and workplace and business consultant. A woman who’s undergone gender transition. A mom. And even as a homeless person back when she was Evan Smith, a college dropout with no sense of purpose in life.

Since then Dr. Ming has used AI to combat bias, fight disease, and develop talent from overlooked demographic groups. And despite some outspoken views on some of the mistakes we’re making with AI today, she remains a fierce advocate for its tremendous potential in the future.

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The business world gets more complex every year, if not every week. Yet we’re essentially making important decisions with brains that evolved tens of thousands of years ago. And while we’re no longer fighting for survival on the African Savannah, some days it may feel like it.

But whether facing hostile tribes or belligerent boardrooms, primitive “fight or flight” instincts don’t have to cloud our decision-making.


Kevin Delaney, senior writer for Connected Futures, is joined by Cathy Davidson, author of Now You See It: How Technology and Brain Science Will Transform Schools and Business for the 21st Century. Cathy serves on the Board of Directors of Mozilla and was the 2016 recipient of the Ernest J. Boyer Award for Significant Contributions to Higher Education. In 2011 she was appointed to the National Council on the Humanities by President Obama. She holds the position of Distinguished Professor and is the founding director of the Futures Initiative at the City University of New York.

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Will smart machines make us more productive or just take jobs away? Businesses are already preparing for a world in which computers take on knowledge-based tasks. Is this a good or bad for business?

In this podcast, we speak with Tom Davenport, an optimist on the future of smart machines. Together, we discuss a future in which machines augment humans to cut down on our trivial tasks and make us more productive.

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Cisco’s Manjula Talreja discusses how CIOs can transform their enterprise IT delivery models via cloud, and what common challenges organizations looking to adopt cloud services must first address:


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Still hesitant to take the plunge into cloud? In this episode, Cisco’s Rick Hutley urges organizations to find the right cloud services partner so anyone in any vertical can get started in the cloud – and achieve the benefits of accessibility and scalability. According to Hutley, many business leaders see cloud as just a technical discussion, but cloud isn’t about technology at all. It’s really a choice about how to operate your business.

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Cisco’s John Manville offers business and IT leaders three tips to drive increased responsiveness and adaptability through cloud solutions. Manville discusses the challenges his team faced prior to cloud implementation as well as the benefits they’ve achieved through the development and implementation of CITEIS, an internal, private, infrastructure-as-a-service cloud.

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